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Tools of the construction trade.

Reconstruction Services | After The Drying Is Complete

Your house is dissheveled and you you've had to cope with drying equipment and perhaps even had to stay in a hotel for several days. You are more than ready to get your house back together! Once your house is dry and any environmental remediation work that may have been required is finished, we can put you back together again! 

The beauty of working with the same qualified company is:

  • The restoration process is streamlined.

  • Coordinating the rebuild schedule with one qualified contractor means less confusion and headache for you. You know exactly who to call and who is responsible for every facet of the rebuild.

  • No need to expend enormous energy searching for a qualified contractor, you have already found one.

  • No need to introduce yet another new face into your home.

Are you looking for a rebuild contractor after the dry out with another company? We do that too.

  • Not all water damage companies are licensed for rebuilds. No worries, we can handle the job.

Know Your Rights:
  • You are not obligated to use your insurance company's preferred vendor. In the State of California, you have the right to hire the contractor you prefer. This is according to the California Department of Insurance under the "Fair Claims Settlement Practices": 

"No insurer shall require that the insured have the property repaired by a specific individual or entity." Section 2695.9. Additional Standards Applicable to First Party Residential and Commercial Property Insurance Policies.

If your insurance company is pressuring you to use their vendor, especially if it is a contractor with whom you are uncomfortable, you can certainly state your rights and refer to the above ordinance.

  • Keep in mind, you also are not obligated to enter into a reconstruction contract with Western Carpet Care after drying services have been completed. We understand you may have a contractor you've worked with before and you prefer to work with that contractor again. We are happy to have been a help to you during the drying portion and we thank you for trusting us with that crucial need.

Enter New Contract for Reconstruction Services:
  • The water damage drying service is a separate contract from the reconstruction contract; therefore, if you choose to continue with our company to restore your premises, and you will have made a great choice, we will enter into a new contract for that portion of our services.  

Work With Insurance Company's Job Scope:

The term "Job Scope" is an industry term for the adjuster's reconstruction estimate.

  • At this point, the insurance adjuster will consider all the facts concerning the damage and will determine the cost of to rebuild and/or replace materials.

  • Once we receive the job scope, our estimator will review it for any potential shortages.

  • If it appears that all work can be performed within the adjustor's job scope, then we can move forward with the work. If the job scope is unrealistic or unfair, our estimator will contact the adjustor to discuss any discrepencies.

  • Supplements to the job scope may be requested as work progresses when it is realized that a specific need was omitted from the original estimate. Reconstruction services are not usually relegated to the original estimate provided by your adjuster. As long as the request is associated with your damages and clearly should be covered under the claim, adjustments can be made in by your insurance company throughout the reconstruction process.

Additional Work Desired Beyond Covered Damages:

It's not unusual for clients to decide that since their house is already under construction to go ahead and upgrade flooring, cabinets, and countertops instead of simply replacing them for like value under the insurance job scope. If this describes your intentions, then we would create a separate invoice for the difference between your reconstruction services covered by your insurance company and the upgrade.

Typical Rebuild Services:
  • Dry wall repair and texturing

  • Painting

  • New Cabinetry

  • New Baseboards

  • Cleaning and sanitizing carpet in rooms with cross contamination.

  • New Flooring: Carpet, Tile, Hardwood, Laminate, Vinyl.

Furthermore, we have a beautiful flooring showroom with plenty of selection. You can learn more here about our flooring division here:

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