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Water damage contents packing.

Contents Packing | Protecting Your Personal Belongings

When water damage occurs at your property, your valuables are also at risk for damage. While it is important to restore the structure, care for your personal belongings is just as important.

  • All those precious memories found in years of masterpieces created by your child's imagination.

  • The mementos of that once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

  • Family photos recording the moments you treasure.

Yes, we get it! Those items that no one can place a price upon are treated as most prized possessions by our trustworthy and reliable team of professionals.

The Process
Sign a Contents Contract:
  • Even if we are performing the drying phase, a separate "Contents Contract" is required as it involves different specifications than water damage or reconstruction. Each service we perform will be billed separately to your insurance company.
Take Photos:
  • Photos grant us a visual inventory of your personal belongings.

  • Photos identify where items were last stored or displayed prior to packing.

  • Photos also remind us where to return items once the time to unpack has arrived.


Prepare the Boxes:
  • We prepare a number of boxes prior to actually packing your contents by propping them open and securely taping up the bottoms.

Inventory Items:
  • We also record each item packed on a contents chart.

Grab the Bubble Wrap & Start Packing:
  • Items that are fragile or simple need extra care are wrapped with bubble wrap.

  • Larger items that are too bulky for bubble wrap, but require protection. are wrapped in plastic.

Store Boxes In A Secure Location:

  • A "Secure Location" generally means a unaffected room in the house.

  • If no such room is available, which would be the case if the entire house is affected, then a portable storage unit may be required to store your contents.

Unpack and Return Contents to Original Location:

  • This, of course, occurs at the very end of the job, after reconstrcution services are complete.

  • The photos and inventory chart come in handy at this point giving us reference to where your possessions belong. Our team will make every effort to return the items to where they were originally found.

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